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You need a hug…

I know weird title, but you do, don’t you Tony? Usually VABN hugs are sort of like the Maddie-London jumping up and down in one place because we’re excited about something-hugs, but you need a different kind of hug. And I know the Lorelai-Rory hug is almost there, but not quite. So, I’m sending you a virtual hug that I shall give to you in person one day. And since our myspace that I plan on re-opening is not open yet again, and I can’t leave a response to you there, I’ll do it here. Just because we’re nice like that

As many of our readers now know, you auditioned for the role of Jimmie “The Rocket” Soto for the upcoming HSM3, scheduled to hit theatres in October of this year (good luck with that Disney!), but you didn’t get it. And this makes me, personally sad. Because you’re soooooo cute! and I say that in the big sister type of way where if wanted, I could really bug the heck out of you and get away with pinching your cheeks. But you are! I mean, you’re Danny on ATBR and in love with Charlotte, played by Demi Lovato and you two so are Troy&Gabriella in that short series. There are so many similarities it’s kind of scary and cool at the same time. You could totally pull off the Wannabe-Troy, you could.

But here’s what you said:

Hey everybody,Well I said I’d tell you what happened. Today ended up being a bad day. When I got home from school I found out somebody else got the part in HSM3. they told me I was the only triple threat there (in other words people who can do all 3 things sing/dance/act) but they said I was overqualified like all my talents would be a competition for Zac’s character instead of being like a “wannabe Troy”. ……

What’s weird is 2 years ago I got a meeting with the head of casting and she said I wasn’t at Zac Efron’s level yet. So since then I’ve been working hard at my acting and music and now I didn’t get the role because I’m at that level.……

I think I need a break from everything and all my worthless lessons for awhile.Anyway I appreciate all your support for me. Give me a few days and I’ll write back to everybody as much as I can. God bless.

I only posted partials, so if readers want to leave you messages and the full thing, they can by clicking on the link below. But you so need a hug and maybe a huge pizza courtesy of us. What’dya say? Maybe next week? We’ll give you a call and do it. I’m bummed too. I really wanted you to get this role.

5 Questions for Vanessa

vanessa-hudgens-tokyo-texas-021. I know it’s a rental, but a Chrysler?

2. Driving yourself around Austin,eh? I say that’s fierce! SNAPS for you!

3. Inquiring minds want to know – how come when they wear sweats they don’t look as good?

4. Shadow is wearing pink hair clips – does that mean I got the gender wrong all this time?

5. How do you feel when people, who do not know you personally, go almost insane when the kuuipo ring is not worn by either you or Zac?

a rivalry in the making?

Is it me or is there some underlying “competition” between BFFs Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato AND Miley Cyrus and Mandy Jiroux?

As far as VABN is concern, Selena and Demi came up with vlog before we even heard of the “Miley and Mandy Show”…

Things that make you go “hmmmm”… look at the latest from the latter added today:

and this one posted by Selena and Demi last Monday:

there’s something to say about “parody” but come on now Miley! was it really necessary? maybe someone should do a music video of “True Colors”?

btw, Power Rangers rock!!

Caption this: Palm Springs by Victoria

First, last week’s caption caught quite some heat! We’re just having fun here; it is not our intention to offend anymore.

Anyway, for this week, we thought we let one of our loyal readers take the helm and take us back to Palm Springs.

Enter at your risk

NOTICE! We’ve closed comments for this entry and apologize to Victoria for any comment that may have offended her. We also thank her for submitting this. We enjoyed it.

Casting Call: Hannah Montana Hunk!

22g84mSo, not only are HSM3 Extra castings going on, but so are Hannah Montana roles! And this new one that VABN just got alerted on, is a major player:


Sunday, March 16, 2008 in Austin, TX


Type: Disney Studio Feature Film

Director: Peter Chelsom

Producers: Miles Millar, Al Gough

Writer : Dan Berenson

Start Date: May 6, 2008

Location: Nashville and L.A.

Casting Agents: Shari Rhodes, Toni Cobb Brock, Sally Allen

Casting For Following Role ONLY:

TRAVIS 15-17 (The actor who plays this role MUST NOT BE OLDER THAN 17; CAN NOT TURN 18 until August 15, 2008 or after. ID’s will be checked at auditions) – Miley’s love interest, Travis is a genuine Southern cowboy hunk, working as a farmhand for the summer. Miley was his first crush, and he now chooses to date Miley over Hannah when she returns to her roots. Though upset when he learns her “secret”, thinking she’s been playing games with him, in the end he understands why she created Hannah, and encourages her to continue living her dream…

Please include the following information:






Phone Number

One Recent Photograph

Also, include a few sentences describing your horseback experience.


Good Luck to anyone who goes out for the role of Travis

The Shadow and Maui Show?

Ashley and Vanessa spent some quality time with their babies the past couple of days. Vanessa making sure Shadow got her exercise – walking her while on break from filming; while Ashley made sure that Maui got to cuddle with her mommy. This recent attention the little “darlings” are getting just means it’s time to give them some valuable time here in VABN.

With our connection, we were able to listen in on a recent Ichat with Shadow and Maui, which they would like us to call the “Shadow and Maui Show”. I swear they watch too many Youtube videos… :rolleyes:



Shadow: Did you see me? Did you see me?

Maui: huh? I’m staring at your mug shot right now, hun

Shadow: No, no.. I mean when I was walking with my mommy. I was wearing that pink hair clips that your mommy gave me.

Maui: Oh that.. yeah..I saw that…you look good with the clips; they match your hair.

Shadow: aaaw thankies! I saw you’re pictures too. How come you weren’t walking?Maui: Are you kidding me? I just had my nails done! I did catch the papz lenses though – I was able to give them my best “I’m ready for my close-up Mr DeMille” look.

Shadow: Mr what? Do you mean Mr. Hitchcock?

Maui: Ha ha…anyway, I can’t wait to get to SLC next month. I’m so ready to be the center of all the Wildcats’ attention.

Shadow: Ahem…I’m their favorite; they met me first.

Maui: Exactly! Out with the old; in with the new…

Shadow: Gosh! I can’t believe you just called me old! Wait until I tell my daddy…you are such a bitch!

Maui: takes one to know one! You know I love you, right? I just missed you, is all.

Shadow: I know! :hugs:.. speaking of bitches, have you seen Bruiser Woods lately?

Maui: talk about old…

Um.. I think that’s it from Shadow and Maui this week. Maybe next time the girls are a little bit more fun, maybe a music video? And yes, I had to cut the transcription of the convo – don’t want to offend anyone…Gossiping is never fun anyway.

Yeah we failed.

Dear Olesya,

We failed. We failed big time.

Don’t hate us. We really do love you.

Can you ever forgive us?

What if we put it this way? By us forgetting, you get party a day longer!

Long story short?

I promise we’ll never forget again, k?

I’m off to get the chips and dip for the party, and since you’re 22 and can party all you want, someone will be by soon to mix up some cocktails!

We hope yesterday was a fabulous birthday and that it’s a great year for you as well!

Matt Prokop as the new Troy???

According to Matt Prokop’s Official website, they have “Huge, Breaking News” and we’re thinking it’s huge too. Since Tony Oller was robbed of the role of Jimmie “The Rocket” Soto, is Matt the winner? What do you think?

Also, since we’re on the subject of HSM3 and sort of schedules – Zac is not in Utah yet, but Vanessa is back in LA, last seen going to a studio in Venice Beach. Huh, wonder what that would be for? Also, Lucas’ posted on his official forums that he and Marc are headed to Utah in a couple days (earlier than expected).

The Countdown Begins…to HSM 3

So the rumors are starting…fans are claiming that they have seen Zac in Salt Lake and we can pretty well confirm that is not true (ah…still filming MAOW). But, what we can confirm is that pre-production activities have started. What does that mean? Well, hiring additional cast, auditioning principal dancers (March 10-14 in Salt Lake), recording songs, finalizing locations, hiring crew and registering extras (on

Other than that, it is still the calm before the storm. East High still looks the same…no trailers set up yet or grass spray painted green (snow is predicted Wed/Thurs!). But, given that EHS’ spring break is next week, I’ll keep my eyes open for any movement–and given that Jill just wrote that Lucas is headed to Utah in a few days sounds like a good time for rehearsal if there is no school in session!

So, let me know if you know anyone who was chosen as a principal dancer or you hear anything and we’ll do our best to confirm or deny. I’ll also keep you updated on the extra front…I know a few people who registered.

Another VABN pooch?

Dear Monique,

So you did a photoshoot yesterday. Two questions:

Why weren’t we invited?

Is the dog yours? If it yours, where have you been hiding it?

You, plus a dog, so adorable! I want details. I mean, seeing that pink tag, I’m going to assume it’s a girl. Can we get a name? Age? Where’d you get her? When did you get her? How long did you think you could keep it a secret?

Okay, that turned into what, like 10 questions? But, c’mon, girl, you’ve left us out of the loop. *holds flower* Fill us in soon?

Thanks love!

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